One-year old kid would have a different approach from the babies that ranges from one month old to 11 months old. They have a different learning activity  the original bitcoin tumbler that you should introduce and keep on letting them to learn it. For those toddlers that is in the age of more than one year old. They should be learning more words to talk and practice and of course the ability to understand and read more words than before. You could introduce more activities that they could be able to start practicing and can understand a little. Int this way, the learning of new language and acquiring good speech habit would develop more. Here are some of the best ways that you could teach toy our one-year old son or daughter without sending them to a speech therapist.  


  1. It is common that you are talking to your kids even they are less than one-year old of age. Even when they are not talking to you back. That would be fine but for those kids who are aged more than 12 months. They should try to speak a bit longer words and sentences. You can try to have a good yet simple conversation to them like the simple greetings. For example, “Good morning”, “Good evening”, or even a basic way of saying good night and goodbye. Letting them to hear it every day and use it whenever you talk to them. It would be very easy for them to understand and repeat the words and phrases again and again every day.  
  2. You could teach him or her a simple song to sing with every day. Use the simple and basic nursery songs that would be very easy for them to remember and speak. Like for example, twinkle, twinkle little star or rain, rain go away. It would easier for them to remove those simple words as they don’t need to think more and more. You could always start singing and let them to follow you.  
  3. Practice reading a story book with them. Let them to try reading those words one by one. Teach them how to read them properly and guide about the correct pronunciation. You may use the pictures in the book to describe what is happening in the story. Don’t let him or her to read longer sentences and stories. Keep in mind that they would be easily get bored when they are reading too long sentences.  
  4. You could let them repeat now that different body parts that they have. You could sing it in a song or even let them guess the name of the body parts. Doing this every day would retain to their mind this simple way of learning the body parts.  
  5. You could try to introduce a new way by pointing out things in the place. It could be about the shape, the name of the thing or the color. This will help them to engage more to the environment and be able to apply whatever they have learned from you.  

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